B.Com : (Pass/Hons.)

STC Provide Coaching Classes For B.Com : (Pass/Hons.):


Accountancy is the science of recording, classifying and summarizing transactions so that relation with outsiders is exactly determined and result of operation during a particular period can be calculated, and the financial position as the end of the period may be shown.


The study of Economics plays an important role throughout our life. Today, economic issueseconomics are drawing the attention of every citizen directly or indirectly. Further, the learning of Economics helps the student to participate effectively in economic and social affairs and to take intelligent decisions in day-to-day life. In the interests of our own survival and of the nation, there is no education more important than that which helps us to understand our economic problems and reflect on them.


  • To acquaint students with the contemporary economic problems and to help them appreciate the efforts being made to solve these problems.
  • To foster an urge among students for effective participation in the task of economic reconstruction.
  • To prepare students to cope with the necessary stress and strain during the process of economic development.
  • To acquaint students about different criteria of dividing world economy and find out why some countries are rich and some poor.
  • To develop among students an understanding of nation’s physical and human resources and their potentialities for economic development.
  • To deepen the knowledge and understanding about the impact of development on environment.
  • To develop among students favorable attitudes towards conservation and wise use of our natural resources avoiding their misuse and wastage.
  • To help students understand that various sectors of Indian economy are interlinked and that all the sectors must develop simultaneously through planned and coordinated efforts.
  • To familiarize students with basic terminology and elementary ideas of Economics.
  • To help students acquire skills in interpreting simple statistical data

Business Studies

Today business activities are changing at a faster speed because of the advancement of sciencepic_business_studies and technology and better communication system Modern method of production and distribution have made today’s business world a global market. Business is taught as an academic subject at secondary level in India and many other countries. There is the triumph of Business education in the era of Globalization. This subject has gained widespread popularity with the expansion of business – trade in the country and abroad. Hence, the importance of the traditional degrees has been drastically reduced over the last few decades and Business Studies is now being taught with more importance. Thus, the need of hour is to enable our students to look into and interact with the modern business environment that affects their everyday life.

The broad objectives of teaching business studies are to enable the students to:

  • A Understand the nature and scope of business activities and various forms of business organization
  • An Appreciate the role of business in the economy and its obligations towards the community.
  • A Recognize the various social values and business ethics.
  • An Understand the concept of trade and various service activities those facilitate a trade like transport, communication, warehousing, banking and insurance.
  • An Identify the role of Information Technology in business sector.
  • An Understand the process of selling and distribution in Modern Business world.
  • A Be acquainted with the rights and responsibilities of the consumer and their protection.
  • A Choose the career in business in terms of profit as well as self-employment.